Revlon Crazy Shine Buffer Product Review

Growing Natural Nails

If you grow tired of acrylic nails or gels, etc., and want to grow natural  nails, this is an item you need to own.  Actually a few of them, one for your home, your handbag, your car, etc.  

Buffing is an ancient beauty method that women have followed for many generations.  My grandmother used to buff her nails as she read, and my mother used to buff her nails at red lights. 

The Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer is unique in that it not only buffs your nails for increased circulation, it also imparts fantastic shine. 

Product Review

Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer

Cost  $3.49 – for one

Made in China


A handy and effective way to buff nails – polished or unpolished.  Buffing increases circulation to the nail and helps speed up growth. 


I use this two-sided nail buffer to smooth the tops of my nails and to increase blood flow to the nail bed. 

The green side is used to smooth natural nails, and the white side is used to create shine.

For polished nails the white side only is used for added shine. 


This product is nothing short of amazing.  The shine really is incredible – about 400% higher than natural nails – and it lasts about three days through showering and washing. 

For polished nails the performance is also strong.  My polish is revived and looks fresh again.  And yes, you can use it over gels and acrylics.  


If you want a hand nail buffer that works better than any other out there – this is the one. 


I bought this item myself, for my own use, from an online retailer. 


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