Kampuku Beauty Bar Product Review

Product Description

Dr. Ohhira’s Kampuku Beauty Bar is a plant-based cleanser combined with a unique probiotic herbal extract and Japanese mountain spring water.

The probiotic extract itself begins with hand-harvested raw botanical ingredients such as Apricot, Wild Vine, Chinese Matrimony, Mulberry, Sea Tangle, Chinese Cabbage, Brown Seaweed, Shiitake Mushroom and Chinese Bayberry.

Deep cleansing, healing, and also nourishing affects, are the main benefits from this product. 


You can purchase Kampuku Beauty Bars online from health and beauty retailers and also at many health food stores. 

Size of the bar – 2.82 ounces

Price – $8.98 – $10.98 per bar, depending on the retailer

Value – Using the bar twice daily, it lasts at least one month. 

Storage – Keep either in a sealed container, or, place on a dish and put in a drawer or cabinet when not in use. 

My Experience

I’ve been using this as my twice-daily cleanser for more than ten years, and I have seen terrific results.  My skin is brighter, less prone to any breakouts, and my blackheads have all but disppeared. 

Additionally, I find that any irritations I may experience either from other skin care products, allergic reactions to foods, or minor cuts and scrapes, heal very fast. 

Kampuku Beauty Bar is very gentle, for all of it’s healing capabilities, and is safe for sensitive skin. 


I purchase my Kampuku Beauty Bars from online retailers, using my own money, and am not compensated for this product review. 


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