Prescription Retin A Bought Online

Feeling good about it.  

While I have not been using Vitamin A products on a daily basis by any means, I have enough experience with them to feel good about beginning a new skin care regimen that includes Retin A.

And so, I purchased my first Retin A products online, after doing some careful research and getting feedback from some of my fellow beauty channel hosts and YouTube, and I made my purchase from Reliable Rx Pharmacy.  So far I am very happy with what I’ve received.

The purchase process.  

First let me say that I did not need a prescription because I bought it outside the USA.  I  know my health.  I have used Vitamin A in moisturizers many times and most recently I had a VI-Peel (October 2017) and that is a Vitamin A based product.  I had great results so I did not hesitate.

The price for the product is amazing.  I got 3 20g tubes of .05% strength Retin-A  for about $32 that included shipping.  The best price I have found for a similar product in the USA is $30 per tube at CVS, which will require a prescription and of course a doctor’s visit and charge.  Again I know I didn’t need that so like many other women, I am looking for alternative options.

I received my items in about 3 weeks, which is not so bad actually.  They arrived well-packaged and in perfect condition.

Who makes this?

That’s what impressed me the most.  Johnson & Johnson has a plant in Mumbai, India that produces this product.  It’s called Retino-A which is a “generic” brand.  Obviously, big name companies are making those so-called “generic” types.

Once I saw the name Johnson & Johnson I knew it had to be the real thing, and most importantly, properly made.  There is no way that a company of that repute would allow their name to be on anything coming from any part of the world unless it was high-quality.  I feel very confident about that.

Note that I added photos of the back of the boxes and the end of the boxes.  The batch number, manufacturing date and expiration date are all clearly printed.  Another sign that I’m dealing with a reputable company.

How I’m using my Retin A bought online. 

I started with the backs of my hands to be a bit cautious.  Last evening before bed, I washed my hands, dried them but did not wait the recommend 20 minutes after that to allow for maximum drying, and applied the Retin A cream.

It felt nice.  I really liked the texture.  The product absorbed in well, left no greasy after effect, and did not sting at all.  I waited about 10 minutes or so and applied Jergens body lotion over the top to prevent any possible dryness that can be a problem when using Retin A.

This morning my hands are perfectly normal.  I will be applying the Retin A to my hands every 3 days for the next couple of weeks.  After that I’ll proceed to use it on my face once per week and work up to more frequency.

Come join me on YouTube! I’ll be publishing videos Monday through Friday by February 2018!  


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ooohhhh now I can afford this stuff and not worry about putting something bad on my face!!!


  2. Yolanda says:

    As always you are amazing. After reading your review I would not hesitate to buy from that pharmacy. I went to their website and they make it clear they are a first rate company.


  3. Impressive. You’ve done your homework! I love your work so much and have a great feeling about this new youtube channel. You’re gonna knock it out of the park!


  4. chella says:

    Fantastic! Nancy you’re giving me great information already and you’ve just started that talk show of yours. I wanted to order online too but didn’t know who to buy from. Thank you!!!


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