My Plans For My Next Photo Shoot

Probably in December 2017

I’m thinking that in about 6 weeks or so that will be a good time.  It should give me enough time to get together the looks I want to use, and get my skin in the condition I want as well.  Additionally, that will bring us to about the 2nd week of December so it will be before the Christmas Holidays that my family celebrates.

This is good timing as from my experience in the last 2 years + with a talent agency, there is an  increase in castings sent to me during the early months of the year.  I’ll have better photos to display on my agency page, my Facebook page, my IMDb page, and of course, here on WordPress, so that could be a huge benefit.

What Kind Of Looks To Expect 

I want to do a wide range of looks, from sporty to elegant to business and toss in some fun, trendy fashion looks to put my own stamp on the whole session.

One of the things I will be adding to my portfolio is evening wear.  I have a couple of nice looks to work with, and I’ll probably choose more glamour for one and a bit of a more natural kind of evening look for the other.

I’m also experimenting with new kinds of makeup of late so I’ll be using more color, and a wider variety of lipstick shades than I’ve ever used in my life.  I like the results I have been getting and so I’ll be continuing to explore new color palettes in the future as well.

Accessories are very important to me, and that is just one of my disappointments with my first photo shoot, as there were none.  This time?  I’ll be adding all kinds of great handbags, hats, scarves, gloves, jewelry, hair ornaments, and even some really beautiful temporary tattoos I have recently tried – and just love.

One of my specialties is jeans.  In all kinds of ways.  Casual with boots and a sweater.  Biker with leather accessories.  Business with a blouse, blazer and pumps.  And even dressy with a beautiful top, high heels and big jewelry.  I plan to add all of them.

Moving Forward With Photos.  

After this session is complete, I will immediately be setting up for more photos, using different looks and costumes.  My aim is to continually add a series of photos, at least once per month, from the time I publish my next session, which will most likely be in December, forward.

About the pictures to the left.  

I snapped them yesterday at a local bar where my husband and I shoot pool.  I liked the way my makeup looked so I thought I’d give it a whirl at the Photo Booth they have in their jukebox.  Theses came out well overall, except that there’s a pink light coming from somewhere that makes my cheeks look a lot pinker than they actually were.  Other than that I really like how my skin looks and the new makeup/techniques I’ve got working.

Until next time!






4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina says:

    Tick tock….ANXIOUSLY waiting!!!


  2. Just get those photos done! You look fantastic!


  3. Yolanda says:

    How pretty you look! Somewhere in your late 30s by appearance I think.


  4. Nina says:

    Your skin looks AMAZING! Can’t wait to see your new photos!


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