Nancy Welker And Sharon Stone Bikini Showdown

Age is just a number.  

To me it’s no big deal at all to see a woman past 50, or 60, or even 70, show up at the beach sporting a great body.  Not good but actually great.  Here in South Florida we have a higher percentage of our population past the age of 65 so it stands to reason that among that group the older fitness-minded folks would surely be here as well.

One story I like to tell is about a lady I met not long ago on one our gorgeous public beaches.  She was at the concession stand and wearing a bright tiny bikini. She looked fantastic.  Toned abs.  Tight body. I complimented her on her suit and we struck up a conversation.  She said she was 76.  I told her I was 57 and she said that she’d married at 18 and that her daughter was the same age as me.  They were mother/daughter personal trainers.   No kidding!

Recently saw this online.  

A photo of the wonderful actress Sharon Stone in a string bikini was part of an article that talked about having a great bod at her age, which is 58.  I smiled as I read it.  At my own age, 59, I’m thinking “the mom next door can look like that too!”

And so, I decided to write a blog post about a showdown between Sharon and myself.  I’m not serious – this is all in fun!  However, it does make a good point.

Not everyone peaks at 20.  

For sure.  Not in the physical sense, not with regard to ambition, motivation and certainly not with regard to talent.  Many of us who have seen five or six decades on this Earth still keep our bodies rockin’ fit and have earned at least as much right to brag about it as the younger set!

OK.  Now for the photos!

sharon stone bikini 58

Tortuga 25


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  2. cheryl says:

    NANCY!!!! You’re like crazy beautiful! In my wildest dreams I have never had a bod like that!!


  3. Kelly-J says:

    No surprise to any of us here! Nancy, you are one beautiful woman. God blessed you inside and out. Sharon Stone is another awesome woman. Underrated as an actress I have always thought. Would love to see her in some plum role on TV. And — would love to see YOU in a great role as well!!!


  4. Angela says:

    NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING!!!! Any lingerie or swimsuit company out there should hire you Nancy on the freaking spot!!!! Love Sharon too. She’s a great actress! There’s no reason why you can’t be right up there as well. Just look at you!!!


  5. Cat says:

    Holy Moly!!!! What bodies the two of have! Must’ve been something in the water that we don’t have now LOL. You’ve got a lot more muscle tone and your abs are to die for Nancy. Sharon is excellent. Both bikini beauties!


  6. Yolanda says:

    Nancy you have the edge here. Sharon is gorgeous. You are incredible. Frankly the two of you make the rest of us look bad. Any age for that matter.


  7. Tully says:

    OMG Nancy, you girls ROCK!! I say “girls” too because your bodies are 18 I swear they are!!


  8. Nina says:

    Both of you put the twenty-somethings to shame! I’d give you the #1 spot Nancy. Your muscle tone is outstanding!


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